Welcome to DOLL uniVERSE


Thanks for checking out this Doll & Poetry Shop.

The DOLL uniVERSE is a nonprofit venture of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry  (ROMP) in Locust Grove. The store is dedicated to repairing, cleaning and recycling dolls, giving them fresh clothes, and providing each one with a personalized poem written on the spot by ROMP director/poet Shaun Perkins for the buyer or for the potential doll owner.

The motto at DOLL uniVERSE is that dolls are made for playing, not displaying. None of the DOLL uniVERSE dolls are in mint condition, but they are all clean and capable of many years of play and love. Many come with handmade clothes from local seamstresses.

If you have dolls or doll clothes to donate, please contact Shaun at 918-864-9152 or bring them by ROMP Rummage Store, 112 E. Main, Locust Grove.

The DOLL uniVERSE store is open whenever the rummage store is, Wed-Sat, 10-4.




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